NDT Inspection Plugs for NonDestructive Testing

TML / UT Location Labels

NDT Plugs NDT Inspection Plugs are removable access ports (seals/plugs) for EPA/OSHA Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity testing under insulation.

  • Nondestructive preventative maintenance allows access to monitor & inspect the structural integrity of process piping without damage.

  • NDT inspections are made to assess surface corrosion (CUI) and vessel integrity of insulated processing & refining pipelines.

  • Our #304 Stainless Steel and #5052 Aluminum NDT plugs are manufactured to professional standards for use in Bio, Chemical, Pharma, Steam, Co-Gen, Nuclear, Petrochem and other industrial process and refining applications. Made in the USA.

  • #UT #TML Location Labels for NDT points

    #NDT Inspection Plugs

    TML / UT measurement TML & UT labels are designed to identify TML (Thickness Measurement Location) access/testing points on insulated and non-insulated pipes.

  • TML Labels are 3.5 mil matte silver mylar polyester material. A 1.0 mil UV laminate matte coating resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, moisture and wide temperature fluctuations.

  • The adhesive is a high performance acrylic for excellent bonding to metals, HSE plastics and a wide variety of painted surfaces.